How we got started



We design because of our passion for the equestrian world. We work with real people to hear actual pain points they experience every day, whether in the saddle or working in the barn. For those reasons, designing for longevity, comfort, and durability is of the utmost importance to us.

We promise to continue working on our sustainability efforts and to one day become a circular apparel company.



Pronounced Arm-ah-tech was derived from our founder's final capstone project, Arma, for her four-year degree in product design. The project focused on designing to mitigate the effects of whiplash in equestrian sports. In addition, the armadillo animal inspired the word Arma for its rigidness and durability to its surroundings. For these reasons, it seemed only suitable to continue with the name Arma as the name for an equestrian apparel company focused on quality and longevity. However, after only a couple weeks after launching, The vision for Arma changed, and we decided that it was best to rebrand to Armateq as we felt it represented our specialized, quality products better. 


Hey! My name is Alexandra and I grew up in a horse community in Vancouver, Canada. My experience in the jumping ring spans over 10 years throughout national and international venues up to 1.35m. Riding is truly one of my greatest passions and I’m lucky enough to also call it my lifestyle. I graduated from the Wilson School of Design in Product Design in 2022. I decided to merge my love for riding and design. Solving problems, designing for purpose, and listening to people’s pain points has been the focus of ARMATEQ since it’s inception and really why I am passionate about this. I saw a gap in the market for quality, technical clothing that offered comfort and style. ARMATEQ is technical, affordable, and innovative.